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Our Mission: Embracing Healthy Living Together

Posted On August 28, 2023
Step into the West Medicine Lake Community Club (WMLCC), where we're all about healthier living and tighter community bonds. In a world where busy lives can put well-being and connections on the back burner, WMLCC is here to change that. We're on a mission to promote well-being through learning and building a stronger sense of community. It's a journey we're taking together, and it has the power to make a real difference in our lives.

Here at WMLCC, we believe in keeping things refreshingly simple. Our philosophy centers on the basics that lead us to healthier lives. Our mission is all about promoting community recreation, physical activity, and education while championing a wholesome lifestyle. In a world that often overcomplicates things, we're grounded in timeless principles that have guided people for generations.

Understanding the Need for Healthy Living

In our fast-paced world, two crucial reasons underscore the importance of healthy living: the drive to prevent serious health challenges and the aspiration to age well.

The rise in obesity rates over the past two decades has sparked genuine concerns about our well-being. Obesity doesn't just bring extra weight; it comes with real health risks like heart disease, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes. These issues have profound impacts on our lives, affecting not only our physical health but our overall quality of life. With more than a third of adults in the United States now grappling with obesity, it's a problem that's close to home, affecting friends, family, and neighbors.

Simultaneously, the desire to age well propels us to make healthier choices. As we grow older, maintaining good health becomes paramount. We aim to keep ourselves fit, active, and mentally sharp, ensuring that our later years are filled with vitality and joy.

This twin challenge of averting health risks and aging well underscores our mission at WMLCC. We're committed to promoting physical activity, nourishing lifestyles, and cultivating a sense of well-being in our community. Through engaging programs, we're encouraging everyone to step out, move, and make healthier choices. This commitment extends beyond individual health; it's about embracing a more vibrant and fulfilling future for ourselves and our community.

Embracing Active Living Through Movement

WMLCC's approach to healthy living is refreshingly simple. We emphasize community recreation, exercise, and education, focusing on activities that bring people together and promote physical health. Our goal is to not only make fitness accessible but also foster a sense of belonging and unity for overall well-being.

Exercise at WMLCC goes beyond the ordinary. We offer physical activity classes, catering to various fitness levels, so there's something for everyone. Among these, our vibrant line dancing sessions stand out as a heart-pumping, laughter-filled experience that builds connections alongside fitness.

In addition, watch the calendar or Facebook for announcements on occasional offerings like Tai Chi, yoga, or other dance fitness classes.

Nurturing Well-being Through Community Engagement

We believe that when people come together and support each other, the journey to healthy living becomes both achievable and enjoyable. This commitment is evident through a range of events and programs designed to foster connections, inspire learning, and encourage healthier choices.

Our community garden, offering 42 plots available for rent each season, serves as a hub for those who love cultivating fresh produce. The act of nurturing plants and sharing in the harvest isn't just fulfilling it contributes to a healthier lifestyle and a strong sense of community.

Our walk-a-thons, beyond promoting physical activity, provide a platform for like-minded individuals to unite, supporting each other's well-being journey. Additionally, our volunteer opportunities enrich both the community and personal spirits. At WMLCC, community based engagement isn't just a concept it's a vibrant reality that fuels our mission of embracing healthy living together.

A Healthier Future Awaits

Our journey, spanning over five decades, reflects the evolution of WMLCC and the changing needs of our community. From being a hub of recreation to evolving into a catalyst for healthy living, our purpose-driven transition is evident. As we celebrate the strides made, we eagerly anticipate a future where well-being takes center stage.

Ready to embrace a life of well-being and community engagement? We encourage public participation with us at WMLCC by taking a class or joining as a community member. Let's embark on this journey together, weaving health, knowledge, and togetherness into our lives. Engage with us as we pursue "Our Mission: Embracing Healthy Living Together."
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